Experience the stunning panoramic view of Dryft. The unique design allows the full tempered glass front and side panels to provide a perfectly clear view of your hardware. Designed with a focus on elegant aesthetics, customizable RGB lighting, improved cooling, and easy cable management, Dryft is the perfect choice for gamers seeking both style and functionality.

  • Panoramic View: Full tempered glass front and side panels give you a completely unobstructed view of your rig’s internals.
  • Versatile Cooling: Supports up to 10 fans on the backplate for improved cooling performance without compromising the panoramic view.
  • Liquid Cooling Ready: Compatible with various liquid cooling configurations.
  • Pre-Installed RGB Fans: Six pre-installed fans with customizable lighting effects.
  • High-End Component Support: Accommodates GPU up to 419mm and CPU cooler up to 162mm.
  • Dual Chamber Design: Improved cable management for a clean and clutter-free interior.
  • Storage Options: Two SSD slots and one 3.5″ HDD drive bay.
  • Convenient I/O Ports: Easy access to USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HD audio ports.
  • Compatibility: Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards.
  • Easy Maintenance: Magnetic top and bottom filters for hassle-free cleaning.

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Panoramic Glass Panels

The pre-installed cooling fans have been moved to the backplate so that the full tempered glass front and side panels can clearly showcase the heart of your rig. Display your high-performance components and vibrant RGB lighting in all their glory.

Pre-Installed RGB Fans

Experience cooling that looks great right out of the box with Dryft. It comes equipped with a total of six pre-installed fans, including two 14cm RGB fans at the front and four 12cm RGB fans. Enjoy customizable lighting effects and multiple speed settings to suit your style.


Fans Included
FRGB fans


Fans Included
ARGB fans w/ 7-port fan PWM ARGB hub

Versatile Cooling Options

Take control of your system’s thermals with Dryft. It supports up to 10 fans, allowing you to optimize cooling performance. The case features air vents in the side panel, ensuring efficient airflow and circulation. The bottom panel fans provide localized cooling for your GPU.

Liquid Cooling Ready

For those seeking even greater cooling potential, Dryft has you covered. It supports various liquid cooling configurations, including radiators of up to 360mm in the top and bottom, 280mm in the side, and 120mm in the rear. Keep your system running at peak performance, even during demanding tasks.

Dual Chamber Design

With Dryft’s dual chamber design, cable management becomes a breeze. Enjoy improved airflow and a clean, clutter-free interior for optimal performance. The internal cable management depth of 96mm provides ample space to route and hide your cables effectively.

Compatibility and Expandability

Dryft is compatible with ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards, ensuring versatility for your build. It supports CPU coolers up to 162mm in height and high-end graphics cards up to 419mm, allowing you to unleash your hardware’s full potential.

Convenient I/O Ports

Stay connected and easily access your peripherals with the convenient I/O ports located on the top of the case. Equipped with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, as well as HD audio, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Storage Options

Don’t compromise on storage. Dryft offers two SSD slots and one 3.5″ HDD drive bay, providing ample room for your games, media, and files.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your system is a breeze with Dryft’s magnetic top and bottom filters. Simply remove and clean them to keep your components dust-free and running smoothly.




Model Dryft-BK-v1
Case Type Mid Tower
Color Black
Body Material SPCC
Front Panel Material SPCC; TG
Steel Thickness 0.7mm
Motherboards ATX/Micro ATX/mini-ITX
Case Dimensions (Internal) 285 x 380 x 420 mm (W x H x D)
Case Dimensions (Overall) 291 x 399.5 x 439 mm (W x H x D)
3.5” Drive Bays 1 Max. (1x 3.5”)
2.5” Drive Bays 2 Max. (2 x 2.5”)
Expansion Slots 7
GPU Clearance Supports GPU up to 419mm
CPU Cooler Clearance Supports CPU cooler up to 162mm
Air Cooling Top: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2 (Max.)
Side: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2 (Max.)
(Included FRGB 140mm x 2)
Bottom: 120mm x 3 (Max.)
(Included FRGB 120mm x 3)
Rear: 120mm x 1 (Max.)
(Included FRGB 120mm x 1)
Liquid Cooling Top: 120/240/280/360mm Radiator (Optional)
Side: 120/240/280mm Radiator (Optional)
Bottom: 120/240/360mm Radiator (Optional)
Rear: 120mm Radiator (Optional)

Download your user manual here.